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AISALIN's Dark Dove

PKD & PRA negative

chocolate tabby spotted persian, (PER b 24)

born: 09 August 2021

sir: AISALIN's Warrior, PER c 22

dam: AISALIN's Illusion, PER n

Voevoda's pedigree

AISALIN's Bilberry

PKD & PRA negative

blue tabby spotted shorthair exotic, (EXO a 24),
chocolate carrier

born: 09 March 2021

sir: AISALIN's Sweetheart, PER c 33

dad: CH. (FIFe) AISALIN's Fairy, EXO n 24

AISALIN's Bilberry

Bilrerry's pedigree


AISALIN's Riggo Hakai

PKD & PRA negative

lilac persian, (PER c)

born: 08 October 2019

sir: AISALIN's Yankee, PER c 21 33

dam: AISALIN's Rapsodia, PER c 22

Voevoda's pedigree

AISALIN's Kabuki

PKD & PRA negative

chocolate tabby spotted persian, (PER b 24)

(longhair exotic in CFA)

born: 30 April 2019

sir: AISALIN's Sweetheart, PER c 33

dam: CH. (FIFe) AISALIN's Fairy, EXO n 24

AISALIN's Pacific Mist

Kabuki's pedigree


AISALIN's Sweetheart

PKD &PRA negative

lilac point persian, (PER c 33)

born: 3 Jule 2016

sir: AISALIN's Dandelion, PER c

dam: CH.(FIFe) AISALIN's Okinawa, PER j 33

Sweetheart's pedigree