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Sochi We live in the south of Russia, in the city of Sochi, situated on the northeast shore of the Black Sea.
It is a popular health resort, the host city for the 2014 winter Olympics.

Our cattery "AISALIN" has been registered with the FIFe (Federation Internationale Feline) since 2002 and with the CFA (Cat Fanciers' Association) since February of 2005 Reg. № 210696.

All our cats are DNA PKD negative.

We specialize in chocolate and lilac colors, but also do Himalayans and color point SH Exotics sometimes.

AISALIN cattery began working with chocolate color in 2006 when we have got McLane's Capuccino, a chocolate point Persian male of McLane cattery (Germany). At the same time OSKAR KONTI cattery purchased a lilac Persian male from Wistaria cattery (Czech Republic).

We are sincerely grateful to Teresa and Alena for our boys! They has become a remarkable daddies for our kittens!

Our dream is to breed a chocolate Exotic with big eyes and sweet disposition. Our new blue tabby exotic boy SYBARIT Voevoda (cattery SYBARIT) and new lilac exotic girl I'm Lilac Desire PANTHERA *CZ (cattery PANTHERA) are got for this purpose.

Thanks a lot to Jury&Irina and Hana for a possibility to work with blood lines of the best cattery of the World!

We are looking forward to achieving our goal.

AISALIN partners AMIRANI catteries in a joint Chocolate breeding program.

If you are interested in purchasing a kitten, do not hesitate to e-mail us for more information.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you will like the cats of AISALIN cattery!
Olga Shirokova


tel. +78622616108
tel.(mobile) +79882343941
skype: aisalin_cattery




Tonnelnaya st. 29-52,
Sochi, Russia
354000 (zip code)